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Repair or buy a new DELL power supply/adapter including the fix of the power plug on the cable for all DELL models

Get your  DELL Adamo, Inspiron, Latitude, Mini, Precision, Studio, Vostro, XPS power supply/adapter fixed/repaired or replaced fast,
wherever you are on the Gold Coast.

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We fix repair and replace all makes and models of laptop power supplies and adapters usually the same day or 24hrs if the particular power supply is not in stock.

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What are the most common types of laptop power supply damage and failure?

1. The plug that goes into the laptop is damaged

2. The cable itself is damaged .

3.The internal power circuit board fails.

What can be fixed on a laptop power supply?

If the power supply internal circuit fails, it's not worth being fixed as a replacement power supply will be cheaper.

The only thing that is worth fixing is the plug at the end and/or replacing the cable from the supply to the laptop


When using the laptop with the power supply always make sure that the cable is not in a position that it can be stepped on.


Animals love chewing on the cable for some reason. Make sure it doesn't happen as it can be not just costly to repair but can also be dangerous for your beloved pet too.

What causes the damage?

1. The plug is usually bent beyond the breaking point by somebody stepping on the cable while it's plugged into the laptop. In this case you are very lucky if it also doesn't damage the internal power socket inside the laptop. We can fix this problem without having to replace the whole power supply. It is much cheaper and you also get a 3 month warranty on the fix.

2. The cable is usually damaged in most cases by simply being run over with an office chair over and over again. We all do it!. The other most common cause believe it or not is the cable being chewed by pets. This can be still repaired without replacing the power supply with a new one. Be careful if you notice the pet problem as it can be dangerous to your pet as it can cause electricution and there have beed deaths recorded too.

3.The internal power circuit board fails usually because a power surge caused by either by lightning or power failure. In this case a repair is not economically viable, we recommend replacing it with a new one.